What Duvet Said – The Tank (Not a Sponsor)

his week’s topics include The Event, Rob’s poster-worthy Instagram photos, shout outs to Our Favorite Podcasts, a romantic evening with Rob, and far too much discussion about The Bachelorette for two guys who don’t even watch the show; plus, News on three ways with Anthony Newley, things you never knew about The Vergina, Jason’s cute-girl theory and more online dating adventures, and our take on all things Wiener. It’s a win-win!




What Duvet Said – The Tank (Fugue State)

This week’s topics include memories of The Lost Show #3, Rob’s great scatological day, study tools  for SAT vocabulary exams, Jason being out of the loop on Von D and EDM, and a quiz on Rob’s vast music knowledge; plus our take on this season of Mad Men, The Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor finales, and how to work through a holiday weekend. Let the fan blow your own sweat!



What Duvet Said – The Tank (Hee Haw for Hipsters)

This week’s topics include Rob’s aching back, obsessions of shoes and Wii, breaking news about Lindsay Lohan, and what makes a good headshot; plus, more old timey celebrity name dropping, Jason’s possible booty call, a rembrance of Hee Haw, random street encounters, and Rob’s vacation time. Hail, Atlanta!



What Duvet Said – The Tank (Get On Your Knees)

This week’s topics include the story of Jason’s Google+ shirt, hipsters in the hood, how to enjoy a birthday at Dimples, Rob’s trespassing dog, Kim Kardashian’s hairsuit, and Heather Locklear’s secret to youth; plus, Anthony Weiner steals from WDS, a worst one-night-stand contest, sandwich making, and a Phrased Out segment. I call it – Fortuoisity!



What Duvet Said – The Tank (Weed and Pizza)

Special Annoncement! NEW episodes of What Duvet Said coming soon – and this podcast is just a small announcement of that. Except Rob and Jason get caught up in the announcing and end up talking quite a bit about Rob’s move, Jason’s dating, banging your Facebook friends, big storms, big weather reporters, and the thrills of being a bartender. Whoops! Made a show when we didn’t even intend to. Your bonus episode!



What Duvet Said – The Tank (Eyh! Less Douchey)

This week’s topics include a timely review of the 12.12.12 Concert, breaking news to Rob and Jason about the Manti Te’o hoax, slipping into a new brand for the New Year, Jason’s picks for the Oscar race, straightening out the Lena Dunham/Howard Stern controversy, and the pseudo psychedelic experience of Lawrence Welk; plus, some other stuff, that’s really funny and clever!


What Duvet Said – The Tank (Pickleback Shots)

This week’s topics include an update on the Duvette contest for the big WDS holiday special, the wood scale in determining sexy Santa’s helpers, WDS Christmas blue balls for the season, Rob’s Yankee bandwagon, and whether or not to pee on Dick Van Dyke; plus, Rob’s Instragram feed blows up, trying to remember other Greg Kihn songs, a very little bit about Survivor, Rob’s VIP evening, and Jason’s auditions for dates. Bring the holidays home!


What Duvet Said – The Tank (Talk Show Tropes)

This week’s topics include the Duvettes contest and the holiday bush, the best way to seasonal shop for your spouse, Rob’s physical clothes, and the latest news on Lindsay Lohan, including just what Rob thought of Liz & Dick; plus, a new game (sort of), how much you would pay for a cup of coffee, stupidphones, and the facts of life about Survivor. Glow in the screen!


What Duvet Said – The Tank (Rob’s News Voice)

This week’s topics include Rob’s full roundtable on all things Frankenstorm – how he survived, how His City is doing, and how to walk a dog in a hurricane; plus, insightful election coverage, Rob’s real-life Entourage experience, Jason walks a red carpet, and just what makes a Mumford and Sons fan tick. Here we are – rocking you like a hurricane!


What Duvet Said – The Tank (Dance of the Duvettes)

This week’s topics include Jason making things a little more homespun, Rob’s big announcements announcements announcements, an incisive review of the Presidential Duvate, news on non-reporting probation, and the Great Night Ranger Quiz; plus, skid marks, Carey vs. Minaj, The American Dream, and what we’re watching, not watching, and going to watch in the new fall season. It’s the best show this month, by Grabthar’s hammer!


What Duvet Said – The Tank (The Birthday Suit)

This week’s topics include Bob’s Birthday with the Bombers, a possible guest, just what a spanking machine is, and practice vs. rehearsal; plus Jason dabbles in plagiarism, the shifting gender roles, the Romney 47%, the WDS 10%, what cops say, street fights, and the new season of Survivor. Put on your birthday suit and join in!

What Duvet Said – The Tank (Rob Reads)

This week’s topics include a special vist from Bubba at the Duvet National Couch, how to bring the 1950s back, a warp speed discussion about Breaking Bad’s midseason finale, and excuses as to why the boys are scrambling with topics due to a no-show guest; plus, an attempt to recreate the Lost Show, very little news, the new Rob Reads segment, and hopes run high for a little something extra at the Southern California Writer’s Convention. Meet us at the bar – we need friends!