The Ice – Chris or Clarinet Returns! (140)

theicepodcastlogoThis Chris makes a humbled apology to Daniel Prescott, Peter Curran and Ann Grindley  join the gang and Nick discusses belly buttons and buttocks.

The gang talk of Luke’s strange powers of persuasion and his obsession with Miami Vice.  Peter talks of Hawaiian shirts, Nick’s love of white leather and Ann is bemused by the whole charade.  Plus the return of the very popular gameshow segment…Chris or Clarinet!  Play along at home!


The Ice – Frozen Stiffy (139)

Nick invites the group around to record, Chris and nick are joined by Peter Curran and Ann Grindley.  Chris complains of Nick’s greedy biscuit habits, Claudia Winkleman and the Curry Mile.  Meanwhile Nick talks about a new hobby he’s taken up and Peter admits to robbing confiscated beer from under 18s.  And Ann brings her first batch of brand new Strange news!


The Ice – Tensions Rise (138)

This week Chris and Nick are joined by Daniel Prescott.  The Tweenies are in the firing line with Jimmy Saville, the gang discuss dumb contestants on 90s game shows, Roy Walker and Ann Diamond?

Chris finally reveals the answer to the ‘Riddiculous Riddle’ (at long last) and Danny reveals a deep disdain for Ann Diamond’s opinions on Tesco selling horse meat.

Nick reveals a new segment and Chris tries to fit in as many Jack Nicholson films as possibly in another True Life Story.


The Ice – Chocker Blocker (137)

Nick discusses an usual internet video he’d seen, Daniel takes on another role as Chris makes a big scene in another country and Ann gets to interview Sir Paul McCartney!

Ann returns with Ann’s Antiques and this week John Lennon and Paul McCartney discuss the rights to the Beatles Songs.


The Ice – We’re Back! (136)

Nick and Chris return with a new year of Podcast’s and joining them is Daniel ‘Mr Book’ Prescott and Ann Grindley.  Topics range from sit-down wee’s, Nando’s, weight lifting and wearing glasses.

Over the 6 month absence Chris learns he needs glasses and believes that he’ll now be much better at football, Nick discusses flat hunting whilst Daniel explains he’s now in-taking 4000 calories per day for a new weight gaining regime for maximum muscle mass.  There is also a brand new Riddiculous Riddle and a big debate on whether Nando’s is such a big deal as everyone makes out?

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The Ice – Best of 2012 (135)

Before The ice Podcast returns in 2013, they have a special Best of, expect strong language and many laughs.

Nick kicks off talking about the grand National with Alex, Chris and Ann.  There is also much banter taking the piss out of Big Brother, Peter Curran arrives with a series of bad jokes in his special ‘Peter Curran’s Corker’s’ Segment.

Also expect Luke to talk about bad dates and tongue piercings, Nick is fascinated by Robbie Fowler, Liverpool Football Club, Pantomime Villains and Trestle tables.

There is also a special ‘Spooky Ghost Story’ and Daniel Prescott, ‘Mr Book’ is back with another brilliant book review.


The Ice – What is the Internet? (134)

Matthew Sewell asks the question ‘What is the internet?’

This week Matthew and Danny join regular hosts Chris and Nick to discuss old computers, joysticks and mouse-mats.  Matthew analyses popular films and deconstructs the Matrix in his own unique way.  It’s a half hour of nonsense, garbage and funny banter.  Check out the website

Plus more Strange news involving a real life Octo-Mum.  Very odd and very strange.


The Ice – Luke’s Home (133)

He’s home and he talks of all of his tales and adventures from Australia and beyond…including stealing from his workplace, walking out on his job, staying in the worst run hostel there is, befriending the strangest people, losing a friend and of course his triumpant return.  It’s a story that has everything and more.

Plus Daniel discusses a book club and Chris breaks the news of Nick’s departure.


The Ice – The Shocking Surprise (132)

Nick has had a terrible accident at the hairdressers, that’s right, his stylist companion has made a cock up!  Matthew Sewell, Danny Prescott and Ann Grindley once again join the gang for another dose of daftness.  Nick talks of his dirty phone calls in the night…’Are you Horny?’  Also tonight features a new segment ‘Yahoo’ which is the best and worst answers on Yahoo chosen by Nick Jackson.  We also listen to Error 37 video and have a great laugh!  There is also another True Life Story about Leo DiCaprio…Erm…I mean Leo Di-Cappucino.  That’s right Chris runs off another strange story, which may sound familiar in parts to all of those Leo DiCaprio fans out there!

Plus at the final moment in the show. a shocking surprise….


The Ice – Cheesecakes and Gaybars (131)

This week Chris & Nick are joined by Daniel Prescott, Ann Grindley and the producer of the podcast (MY ASS) Matthew Sewell. Also recorded live in front of a studio audience (Fiona and Steph), it’s a gang bang full of audio delights! Chris creates a cheescake disaster in a Man Vs Food Challenge, Chris’s dad is stuck in a lift and Nick recalls his dancing/singing past and the memory of gay night club comedy gig that went array. It’s for more…


The Ice – Tossing Cow Pats (130)

We’re back with more madness, without doubt some silly silly segments indeed.  Get set for a zany episode of talk radio with Nick Jackson, Chris Crookall and Ann Grindley.  Topics range from alzheimer’s to ugly people in ‘The West Wing’, from Coronation Street pensioner womanizer’s to a hopsital decorated fast food joint in Vegas, we discuss every topic inbetween.  Look out for another reading from Luke’s Travel Diary from Perth, Australia.  Ann has her own new segment ‘Ann’s Antiques’, our quiz game ‘Who Are Ya?’ is played and much Strange News.


The Ice – 3am on the Back of a Bus (129)

They’re back and it’s a full house. Chris and Nick are joined by Danny and Ann, the gang discuss all things from picnic’s at 3 am to licking jaffa cakes in a lift.

The gang discuss the giants visiting Liverpool apart of the Sea Odyssey event. Nick talk about a trip to London, which went horribly wrong, he also discusses an encounter with a rude couple at a coffee shop. Nick throws Chris’s trash out, Danny gives another Book Review, Ann gets a piercing, but whereabouts has she put it…Oooooh, bloody hell!

Watch out for Nick’s new gym and the strange news segment.