The Question, Episode 48 – Glorious Bastards

In Episode 48, we wax poetic about nothing in particular, discuss god leading a family astray in a listener-submitted What Do You Think of That article, and finally pit art against artist as we ask the Question: Can you hate the artist but love the art?

Next week, we test your honesty with the Question: If a shop makes an error in your favor, do you bring it to their attention?

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What Duvet Said – The Tank (Storage Solutions)

This week’s topics include Rob’s farewell tour of SF, big plans for the bicoastal nature of podcasting, the Guess Where Rob Lives game, how much one movie costs on laser disc, and a shoutout to Skype; plus Jason tells Rob about The Celebrity Apprentice, Rob tells Jason about The Amazing Race, both try once again to woo Survivor Christina on the show, and the best analysis of a TV show ever when Mad Men comes up. Come out to play!