What Duvet Said – The Tank (Not a Sponsor)

his week’s topics include The Event, Rob’s poster-worthy Instagram photos, shout outs to Our Favorite Podcasts, a romantic evening with Rob, and far too much discussion about The Bachelorette for two guys who don’t even watch the show; plus, News on three ways with Anthony Newley, things you never knew about The Vergina, Jason’s cute-girl theory and more online dating adventures, and our take on all things Wiener. It’s a win-win!




What Duvet Said – The Tank (Storage Solutions)

This week’s topics include Rob’s farewell tour of SF, big plans for the bicoastal nature of podcasting, the Guess Where Rob Lives game, how much one movie costs on laser disc, and a shoutout to Skype; plus Jason tells Rob about The Celebrity Apprentice, Rob tells Jason about The Amazing Race, both try once again to woo Survivor Christina on the show, and the best analysis of a TV show ever when Mad Men comes up. Come out to play!