Case 20 – The Phantom


Hello and welcome to the Witless For The Defence, presided over by Judge Chris Johnson, Jim (Hang ‘Em) Moon SSC BSC and Elton McManus QVC. Case 20 sees Gareth Lloyd with the help of Jack P. Starro defending the 1996 comic book movie The Phantom starring Billy Zane.

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The Witless For The Defence Case 9: Judge Dreddful’s Christmas Special

Hello and welcome to our 9th case, Which sees Andy Poulastides try and defend Judge Dredd. But will prosecutor Lee Medcalf from the Blackdog podcast get it sentenced to life without parole.

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Shonky Lab 04.07 – The Muppets Christmas Carol

Welcome dear listener to the Shonky Lab christmas film. Hey, you guys wanted it…..

This week Pete and Elton tear apart The Muppets Christmas Carol like a old stuffed toy. Stuffing and stitching everywhere.

Be warned, there are impressions, lots of impressions but what do you expect from a shonky production.

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Shonky Lab 04.02 – The Internet, Technology And Stuff

Remember the days before the Internet? What did we do? Has the stuff that we kill 5 minutes of our day with, made our life better?

Well Pete and Elton discuss if that’s the case.

But before all that there’s a little news and chat about Disney buying LucasFilm….. and lets be honest…. Star Wars.

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Shonky Lab 03.08 – Downfall

Join Pete and Elton in the Shonky Bunker* as they talk about the last days of Hitler in the 2004 film DOWNFALL.


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Shonky Lab 02.09 – Contact

Get ready to take a chance on something that just might end up being the most profoundly impactful moment of humanity, for the history…. of history.  Thats right… give this episode of Shonky Lab a listen.

Pete and Elton cover the 1997 film Contact and try to find what makes this film tick.

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Shonky Lab 02.06 – Prometheus

Pete and Elton are joined by ALIEN mega fans Jim Moon and Lee Medcalf as they travel across the galaxy to dissect the so called non-Alien prequal PROMETHEUS.

Many questions were raised on the closing credits of the film so spoilers are ahead throughout the show. There are also some weird and wonderful thoughts of what could be with sequals to the prequal…. some may be too disturbing.

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Shonky Lab 02.03 – Ghosts

Are you scared of ghosts? Do you wonder what they are or where they come from? Well this is what Pete and Elton, along with guest Gary Stead are diving into.

But before all the ghosty type stuff there’s a little news, feedback and another brand new segment from Jim ‘Hypnogoria‘ Moon “Flicks of the unexpected”

Enjoy and don’t forget the next episode will be about the film Primer.

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Gareth’s Waste of Time 22 – Gareth’s Top 10 Films on The Film List

This is a chance to hear Gareth talk about his top ten favourite films when he appeared on The Film List podcast with Heath Solo.  Among the talk about such films as Hard Boiled, The Shawshank Redemption and Moulin Rouge, Gareth reminisces about topless dancers in Paris and childhood memories of Star Wars figures.